Change (the) Management

Check out this bestseller, which has been named one of the top five books on leadership and change and is now required reading for MBA candidates. It’s a must-read for anyone leading change.

There’s a reason two-thirds of organizational change initiatives are unsuccessful and an estimated $2 trillion is wasted on change each year: change efforts are largely one-dimensional. Now, Change (the) Management brings a second dimension to the conversation.

In addition to setting rational goals, leaders also must become deeply involved in the change process—not out-sourcing it to others. They must pull their people through the change, reaching them on an emotional level rather than pushing change on their people transactionally.

Using both science and well-told stories that illustrate the need for this fundamentally different way of thinking, this book finally speaks straight to leaders to help them re-think how to lead change…and even how to lead every day. Instead of drawing on the work of outside observers, Change (the) Management draws on the author’s decades of experience in-seat as a change champion and senior executive at well-known companies as well as decades of research on the subject of organizational change.

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